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Food lovers cannot forget taste of excellent food. If you are food lovers, KOBO Barbecue can be the finest dining experience. KOBO Barbecue has become increasingly popular in restaurants because of its unique flavor and distinctive grilling method.
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KOBO Barbecue 烤霸工坊 | About KOBO
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About KOBO

That you can find out more about KOBO BARBECUE

For a great seafood & BBQ feast


KOBO Barbecue is the latest addition to the barbecue restaurant family in Johor Bahru. Housed above Old Town Grand, the restaurant is highly visible in Mount Austin. Unlike most BBQ restaurants, KOBO manages to provide a cosy, smoke-free, and hence stress-free environment for your absolute indulgence. The food here is authentic, generous, and generally remarkable, making KOBO a great place for dining in groups and eating till you drop without burning a hole in your pocket. Freshly imported from Australia and New Zealand, the meats are well-marinated and come in a staggering array while non-meat lovers will find their seafood variety equally inviting and interesting.

KOBO is the only “AYCE”(all-you-can-eat) place to make our list, having made the cut for using higher-quality meats and offering a chatter-friendly ambience to match. With great value and a good selection, they’re really bringing in the crowds, so make your reservations early or be prepared to join the queue!


Click here to make a reservation now, we are looking forward for your coming.