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Food lovers cannot forget taste of excellent food. If you are food lovers, KOBO Barbecue can be the finest dining experience. KOBO Barbecue has become increasingly popular in restaurants because of its unique flavor and distinctive grilling method.
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Apr 01 2017

“今天您KOBO了吗”促销活动 ,Promotion Event “Have You KOBO Today”

各位烤霸工坊的粉丝和食客们,好消息!烤霸工坊将在: 日期:1/4/2017 至 30/4/2017 举行一年一度的“今天您KOBO了吗”的促销活动!顾客只需要完成以下三步简单的步骤: 1) 顾客需在烤霸工坊的招牌标志拍照。 2)到烤霸工坊的面子书官方网站按“赞”,“签到”并“分享”照片到自己的面子书上。 3)把自己已做好以上步骤的面子书显示给烤霸工坊的工作人员 就能享有,一个人头RM75.00的优惠促销! 以下是照片样本。 Good News for every KOBO fans and customer! KOBO Barbecue will run an yearly anniversary event named "Have you KOBO today? " between: Date: 1/4/2017 to 30/4/2017 All customer are entitled to enjoy special discount rate of RM75.00 by completing 3 easy steps as below: 1. Customer will have to take a photo with "KOBO Barbecue" logo. 2. "Like" KOBO Barbecue fans page on Facebook, "Check In" & Share the photo taken on Facebook. 3. Show the above Facebook status to our KOBO Barbecue staff. Below showing the sample Photo.   ...

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KOBO Promotion
Aug 19 2016


Kobo Promotion is back!!! From 25/8/2016 to 25/9/2016. It's great time to enjoy Kobo Barbecue with Friends & Family!   A big variety of high quality food selections. Help yourself to a wide variety of our freshly prepared comfort foods for lunch and dinner. Try something new and stick with your favorites, all in the same visit. At Kobo Barbecue, there’s always something delicious waiting for you.   Kobo Barbecue 烤霸工坊   ** BBQ BUFFET PRICE   Lunch Menu Promotion Friday - Sunday 11.30am - 3.30pm Adult RM 49.90 Child RM 38.00 Senior Citizens RM 49.90 *Promotion prices are not applicable on Public...

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KOBOSuperStar FeaturedIMG
Jun 17 2016

Event “KOBO Super STAR”

各位烤霸工坊的粉丝和食客们,好消息!烤霸工坊将在KOBO Day: 日期:15/6/16 至 15/7/16 举行"绝对KOBO STAR"的竞赛活动!优胜者能够获得烤霸工坊赠送的二人旅游的来回机票! 参赛规则: 1)凡是在竞赛日期内用餐的顾客,可在烤霸工坊的Kobo红毯上拍照,必须两人一组的合照。 2)到烤霸工坊的面子书官方网站按“赞”,“签到”并“分享”照片到自己的面子书上 3)显示给烤霸工坊的柜台人员,自己已做好以上步骤的面子书 ,和报名参加活动。 Like数目最多的前三名者将会胜出 报名日期:15/6/16 至 15/7/16 截至日期:15/8/16 公布成绩 :30/8/16 Like数目最高可得: 冠军 - Boracay 2人来回机票 亚军 - Hat Yai 2人来回机票 季军 - Kota Kinabalu 2人来回机票 以下是照片样本。 Good News for every KOBO fans and customer! KOBO Barbecue will run an event on KOBO Day: Date: 15/6/2016 to 15/7/2016 The event named "KOBO Super STAR"! Winner can get 2 pax round-trip air tickets! Term & Conditions: 1. Customer who dine in during the event period, will have the chance to take a photo on KOBO red carpet. The photo must only consisted of 2 person. 2. "Like" KOBO Barbecue fans page on Facebook, "Check...

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